Transformative Change Management

Change management is about transformation and consciously structuring the transition of individuals, processes, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.  At HRL, we believe that change management encompasses both the behavioral change process – supporting employees and stakeholders in their efforts to accept and embrace changes to their daily operations – and the organizational engineering change process – transitioning how the inputs and outputs of work are accomplished.

Transformative change management is most successful when both approaches are integrated with business alignment and strong project management to ensure – not just the “how” and “what” is changed – but the “why” is communicated as well.  Often, the how and what is changed – training occurs – communication is distributed – and the stakeholders have no knowledge of why the change was necessary.  The absence of a holistic approach to organizational change slows the adaptation process which in turn, slows the realization of projected improvements from the change initiative and the return on investment.

At HRL, we believe a holistic approach to business initiatives ensures the greatest alignment of business strategy across the organization and integration produces the greatest results.  Ideally, every project should address the change from both perspectives because both perspectives are active at work, whether they are consciously managed or not.  In the charge below – you can see the tactical execution of a business initiative and the related change that is happening on the psychological side of the equation.

HRL consultants endeavor to bring integration of both right brain (psychological) and left brain (logical) perspectives together to achieve the greatest results.  We believe the greatest opportunity to support and facilitate change is from within the project or initiative.


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