Organizational Development

At HRL, we approach Organizational Development (OD) a bit differently.  Using our analytical tools, blending in a bit of organizational engineering and a bit of behavioral organizational development – we approach a problem from a holistic perspective because we believe that – in order to improve outputs – you have to consider what the inputs are and who’s doing the inputting!  One without the other doesn’t provide the entire picture.

When HRL is engaged on an OD project, the scope for the client may be wide or narrow.  It may be a particular supply chain issue between departments that isn’t working well.  Or it might be evaluating and designing the workforce for the future.  No matter what the focus, each OD project begins with analysis around the components of “getting the work done” or the variables of success.  Using various tools, including personal interviews and discussions, HRL can build an analysis, document issues, and recommend a plan of action.

Variables of success that are analyzed and evaluated include:

  • People and stakeholders involved in the process.
  • Processes used to accomplish the task(s).
  • Technology in place to support the completion of the work.
  • Stability of the business environment.
  • Culture of the organization, business units, or departments.
  • Leadership impacting the operations.

Through these six angles, a picture emerges of the influencing variables.  With that 360° evaluation, recommendations can be developed and our client can choose how to proceed to improve operations.  The choice of the path forward can then be formulated into a change management plan which addresses each of the variables individually and holistically to create a roadmap.


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