Project and business initiatives come in all sizes.  Sometimes a lot of help is needed and sometimes just a little.  At HR Logistics, we realize that one size doesn’t fit all and each client may need a slightly different mix of support.  Some need complete business analysis and objectivity, some need project management, and some just need a little support so the process is facilitated internally.  We believe the best way to support our client’s success is to offer support in a variety of ways including training to increase competencies in business analysis and knowledge transfer.


Why add the training?

Once your project concludes, will you feel confident that you have the ability to translate the tools and knowledge gained to the next project?

Our continuing education tools increase your staff’s knowledge and understanding of how to apply the Human Capital Risk Management discipline to any business initiative.  Topics include:

  • Aligning HR with Organizational Strategy
  • Designing the HR Strategy
  • Building a Business Case
  • Project Leadership
  • Business Analytics
  • Talent Management Assessment
  • International Human Capital Risk Management
  • HR Economics
  • ….and many more as HRL continues to build our suite of training

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