Business Case Development

Understanding the fundamental building blocks of business analysis is essential to building a strong, objective business case.  The business case is your framework, and the first step in the decision making process, to articulate the need for a business initiative or project.  When building your business case, we work closely with your project team to develop a deep understanding of organizational needs, uncover the current state of your business, paint the picture of the desired future state, develop a cost/benefit analysis, budget, projected ROI, and realistic recommendations – all to create a winning business case for your project.

The Goals of a Business Case are to:

  • Measure the efficiency of your current state
  • Document the needs of your stakeholders or your “business requirements”
  • Measure the gap between your current state and the needs of your stakeholders
  • Evaluate “cost” vs. “benefits”
  • Position your request for funding


Ultimately, a strong business case creates a compelling picture grounded in objective analysis, supported by stakeholders, and persuasively positioned.  Let HRL help you to paint that picture.


Training Option

We also offer a Building Your Business Case workshop to teach you and your team how to do this on your own!


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