Improving HR Value through Business Intelligence,
Technology & Analytics

Welcome to HR Logistics’ suite of strategic HR services!  Are you looking to demonstrate the value HR brings to the organization?  Well, you are in the right place – and we can help you get there.  With our deep HR and technical expertise, we work with you to achieve organizational alignment between Human Capital Management and your business needs.  We focus on business alignment, improved efficiencies, maintained fiscal accountability, and only the highest quality project and program management.


Strategic Planning & Analysis

You know your business – and we know strategic planning.  To help you develop your strategic vision, we use a specific methodology to help you evaluate, analyze and support your strategic planning needs.  Whether it’s a Strategic Alignment Assessment or a Cost/Benefit Analysis you can be sure that you will know your way forward as a result of this process.

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HR Technology Strategy & Project Management

Our HR Technology Strategy and HR Project Management philosophy is simple – the technology should support you, not the other way around.  What does that mean?  At the end of your project, you and your team will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence knowing that you have successfully implemented a program that will improve the quality of career for the employee… and you.  Your HR Technology should provide you the tools to answer the tough questions from the executive team – and we are there to make sure it does just that.

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Business Process Transformation

In simple terms, Business Process Transformation means – how much change has a job experienced.  Within a specific job, the processes always change – whether it’s because of a new employee, a department reorganization, or a merger.  So, the longer you go without looking at the value that job brings to the organization the more layers of change you will find!  Needless to say, with everyone required to do more with less, doesn’t it make sense that the jobs align with the business needs?  Think of it like this – you clean your house once a week vs. once a year.  If you do it once a week, it’s 10x easier to keep up and takes less time and less hassle, right?  Now, if you do it once a year it becomes so intimating it’s almost impossible – and it’s painful to do.  So why wait a year?  Build a Business Process Transformation strategy and position your department for success.

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Transformative Change Management

Change management is about transformation and consciously structuring the transition of individuals, processes, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.  Through our change management process, we work with you directly to ensure that change management encompasses both the behavioral change process – supporting employees and stakeholders in their efforts to accept and embrace changes to their daily operations – and the organizational engineering change process – transitioning how the inputs and outputs of work are accomplished.

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Organizational Development

HRL’s approach to OD is a bit different.  We are an analytical firm – so we blend a little bit of organizational engineering and a bit of behavioral organizational development – to create our sweet spot in Organizational Development.  We approach a problem from a holistic perspective because we believe that – in order to improve outputs – you have to consider what the inputs are and who’s doing the inputting!  One without the other doesn’t provide the entire picture.

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Business Case Development

Understanding the fundamental building blocks of business analysis is essential to building a strong, objective business case.  The business case is your framework, and the first step in the decision making process, to articulate the need for a business initiative or project.  When building your business case, we work closely with your project team to develop a deep understanding of organizational needs, uncover the current state of your business, paint the picture of the desired future state, develop a cost/benefit analysis, budget, projected ROI, and realistic recommendations – all to create a winning business case for your project.

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In addition to consulting services – we can also teach you what we do.  HRL offers a variety of training opportunities to including a “Building Your Business Case” workshop to other project leadership topics.

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