Healthcare – Supply Chain Organizational Development

Supply Chain Organizational Development

Smooth operations between functions, departments, and business units ensure an organization is maximizing its resources and minimizing risks in delivering services and goods to its customers.  But smooth operations require attention from time to time for a variety of reasons – reorganizations, changes in management processes, new business initiatives, etc.

A client of HR Logistics was experiencing just such a breakdown due to reorganization.  The supply chain process between two departments was slowing down, employee morale was suffering and production was experiencing inconsistent deliveries.

HRL was engaged to assess the current state of operations from a process flow and behavioral perspective to determine the underlying issues causing tension.  Through individual interviews, workshops, and workflow diagramming – HRL was able to determine employee relations and workflow issues which were detrimentally impacting the productive ability of the departments, recommend actions the organization could take to re-establish cohesion and collaboration, and provided a written report which objectively documented the process and its findings and served as a foundation to take further actions with the workforce.


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