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Predictive Modeling: The Yellow Brick Road to Strategic HR

Human Resources?  How does an HR professional think strategically for the business?  Let’s examine what a business needs to concern itself with in order to survive and grow.  Critical information is:

  • Who are my customers?
  • How many customers do I potentially have?
  • What do they want to buy?
  • How much will they pay for it?
  • How much will it cost to provide this product to my customers?
  • How will I pay for the cost of this product and how long will it take me to create the product and deliver it to my customers?

Obviously, strategic planning for a business has to be heavily based on finance. Cash flow management is critical, because without it a business can run short of funds when marketing is needed, such as an unexpected opportunity to seize market share. Cash flow management is critical to the ebb and flow of income versus expenses and demands constant attention.  [Read full article…]


Getting to Yes – Ensuring Your Business Case Has the Right Stuff

As the recession starts to show signs of receding, many organizations will begin taking a look at their current operations, projects that have been put on hold and projects that can be accomplished more cost effectively in this economic environment.  As your organization begins to rebound from the recession, you may find yourself thinking of projects that were deferred or suspended and put on the back burner.   Logically, as the business cycle returns to normal, these projects should be re-evaluated for their value to the business and cycled back into production. [Read full article…]


Is “HRIT” HR or IT?

I was having lunch with a colleague recently – a VP who manages HR technology for a financial institution – and she made a very interesting comment.  When comparing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of two different vendors of Human Capital Management software, initially – one vendor appeared to be much more reasonable than the other.  But when she expanded the analysis to consider the TCO over 5 years, the positions of the vendors reversed – the one that was initially very inexpensive cost twice as much over the course of 5 years!
This article was originally published in HRL’s November 2010 Newsletter.
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Organizational Readiness

Organizational readiness. What is that exactly? Ready for what? And how do you know when you’re ready? Or – more specifically – when your organization and your workforce are ready?  In other words, what exactly are you getting ready for?
This article was originally published in HRL’s February 2010 Newsletter.
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Understanding Human Capital Risk Management

For many years, I have believed that Human Resource Management should really be about managing human “risk”.  As HR practitioners, we have tried for years to sell the idea that the discipline of Human Resource Management is really Human Capital Management, i.e. the management of human imagination and talent that is an asset and the key to an organization’s success.
This article was originally published in HRL’s April 2009 Newsletter.
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Good HR Metrics

I have always loved Economics.  I am one of those people who find money and its movement through our lives and our economies fascinating.  So when I started to get involved with business analysis, I discovered a way I could really let my analytical side run wild at work.  Suddenly, I was blending my communication and human resources competencies with my love of economics and technology.  It was an unexpected, happy marriage.
This article was originally published in HRL’s July 2009 Newsletter.
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Knowing Your Organizational Health Gap

The best teams know they need re-calibration periodically to ensure their focus and execution remains aligned with organizational goals and objectives.  In these rapidly changing times, realignment becomes even more critical as organizations struggle with the economy – no one has room in their strategic plan to waste time or money.
This article was originally published in HRL’s February 2009 Newsletter.
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