Consistent Excellence is Hard

In this market, most buyers have multiple choices and the ability to fine tune their needs to a niche. Gone is the day when buyers were required to focus on a few providers – it seems there is something for everyone out there. There are several business writers that speak of the “niche market”. So many products exist that can do almost the same thing that the question becomes – how to choose? Is price the only variable?

If you are someone looking for a job, you may be in this scenario. If there are multiple candidates and they all seem equally qualified, then the next selection criteria might be “fit” – how well do they fit with the organization. After answering that question, isn’t price the only question left? And that makes it easy for the buyer. If you are a business looking for new clients, there are again multiple solutions for your prospect to choose from. Perhaps they look at status and prestige. Length of time in business. Number of satisfied customers. And also, price.

But one thing that they can look at that is very telling is – consistent excellence. Providing consistent excellence is hard. We all have bad days, bad weeks, obstacles that pop up, times when there is just too much to do. Providing consistent excellence means getting it done anyway. It means keeping your promise that this would be done by such a date or at such a price or at such a level of quality – or all of the above. And this is hard. Providing consistent quality in whatever you do requires a steady commitment that we often don’t embrace. We allow ourselves to make excuses saying that “they will understand”, or “it’s the holiday”, or “no one’s paying that much attention.” But if we don’t push ourselves to strive for that quality, we aren’t really differentiating ourselves are we? Not as individuals and not as businesses.

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