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Stop Losing $$$ – Implement A Human Capital Risk Management Strategy

by Kristie Evans | Printed in CERM Academy Risk Insights | August 2, 2013 This year, the top challenge for CEOs according to The Conference Board’s 2013 CEO Challenge, is Human Capital. But Human Resources (HR) can’t save you. CEOs …Read the Rest

Economic News is Up But Your Budget is Down

Over the past several days, economic news has been released that seems to indicate a stronger economy.  ADP’s monthly jobs reports shows an increase in payrolls of 200,000.  The 2nd Quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) number – a measurement of …Read the Rest

“The Agony and Ecstasy of Managing IT” by guest author, Carol Linden

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All 3 of my parents were in IT. My dad was one of the original “I’ve Been Moved” guys from IBM (a.k.a. relocated.) He could “turn on a dime” and was a “do whatever it takes to make it …Read the Rest

Human Capital Risk Management – Caveman Style

When I bring up the subject of human capital risk management, I often encounter resistance.  It comes from various sources – human resources practitioners, talent managers, organizational development professionals, psychologists, motivational experts etc .  Regardless of the professional label, the …Read the Rest


Happy Thanksgiving + Important Announcements 2012

… from your friends at HR Logistics   Dear Friends, The brisk change of seasons here in North Carolina reminds us the holiday season is just around the corner.  In the spirit of giving thanks and recognition, it is time …Read the Rest

“Your opinion, although interesting, is irrelevant”

“Your opinion, although interesting, is irrelevant” Very profound words. Humbling in fact. They’re not mine; I actually learned about them a number of years ago while in a Pragmatic Marketing workshop on Software Product Management. I was a mid-level manager …Read the Rest

NC PMI Annual Event 2012 – If Projects Analytics Could Talk

The NC PMI Annual Event brought together 800 local project and program managers in the North Carolina Triangle area to deepen their knowledge of project management and expand their networks!  HRL was honored to present “If Project Analytics Could Talk, …Read the Rest

Kristie Evans, Guest on Drive Thru HR

Kristie was the featured guest on the 8/21/2012 radio episode of Drive Thru HR.  Special thanks go to William and Bryan for having Kristie on the show!  Did you miss it?  Not to worry, because the radio show was recorded!  …Read the Rest

What Does HR Innovation Look Like?

We’re all buzzing about innovation – the holy grail that creates a company that is a mover and shaker, a darling of Wall Street, game changer, the next “big thing”.  If HR were to step outside of itself and consider …Read the Rest